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All Blacks show our blinkered view of history

The All Blacks had a security breach on their recent trip to England. Somebody read their motivational message when they inadvertently left the door to their team room open.

It went along the lines of: “We are the most successful sports team in the history of the world.”

For me, the “history of the world” was the most telling bit. It shows how disconnected 21st century life has become. We mock creationists for believing the world was created 6,000 years ago, yet we live our lives acting and believing everything of relevance has only happened within the past century. We have ridiculous statements like “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”, without realising nearly all taxation started less than a century ago and is only needed to try and pay the unpayable, ie societal commitments to private central bankers as these bankers have monopolised the production of money.

Sure, the All Blacks are the most successful rugby union football team since rugby was founded late in the 1800s. But are they the most successful team in the history of the world? Maybe they are. But if our view of history only extends back 100 years as it does now, then we will never know.

Just as we will never free ourselves from much of the tyranny we are programmed to believe constitutes a civil society if we only look to our definition of a civilised society as being something that really only was possible within the past 100 years. When 10 people per week in Ireland are taking their lives because of our completely unnecessary monetary model I, for one, do not believe that is a civil society.

Barry Fitzgerald


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