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A vote against political tyranny

The main argument for a Yes vote in the Fiscal Treaty Referendum is the threat that if we don’t pass it we may not get any future loans from the European Stability Mechanism fund, a mantra that Minister Simon Coveney repeats in his recent letter (Apr 28).

This threat is turning out to be more like a promise, now that we have become aware of the alarming, undemocratic and possibly unconstitutional terms of the ESM Treaty.

The amount of the arbitrary fund of €700bn to which member states must contribute can be raised at any time and countries are obliged “irrevocably and unconditionally” to pay whatever is asked of them “within 7 days”.

Not only this but Article 30 confers total legal immunity on all (unelected) ESM directors and employees and inviolability in regard to their papers and documents.

How can Simon Coveney and colleagues in the Dáil recommend ongoing plans that include such blanket and institutionalised unaccountability?

Both treaties would destroy key protections we have under our Constitution. Thanks to the Attorney General, at least we have a referendum on one.

As a democrat I will most certainly vote No on May 31 in order to reject creeping economic and political tyranny and to preserve our hard-won sovereignty.

Liam Duff


Co Cork


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