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A lesson in history about Israel

In her column (Opinion, July 24) Victoria White has cobbled a ragbag of factoids together in a disjointed and illogical proposal that, “we have a duty to stand with the Palestinians”.

Her argument stretches, somewhat imaginatively, from the claim that, “Europeans drove 800,000 Palestinians off land that had been theirs for centuries,” to the cry that present day Israel should lose the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.
Ms White also adds a touch of priceless logic by stating the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charles Flanagan, should persuade the Government to get off the fence because the minister’s father used his maiden speech in the Dáil to call for the Jews to be chucked out of Ireland.
Brilliant anti-Semitic stuff that should certainly assist nurturing peace between Israel and Arab terrorists.
Terrorists who fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel. And then cry and squeal when Israel does what any nation would do under similar circumstances.
Ms White should check her history notes. The Jews built Jerusalem when they lived in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago. Immediately after WWII, the Jews were hardly in a state to drive 800,000 Arabs from the Holy Land.
However, within months of the legitimate establishment of Israel, brave Arab neighbours attempted to invade with, seemingly, overwhelming numbers. Unfortunately for the courageous attackers, with three rifles and a catapult the fledgling Israeli Defense Force won the day.
In 1967, having vastly increased their troops and armour, the surrounding Arab states attacked
Israel. Once again the defenders destroyed the Arab forces. And, to protect their ancient homeland from invasion by future Arab armies, specific strategic points, such as The Sinai, West Bank and the Golan, became permanently occupied.
Some 40 years later, brave Arab terrorists dare only to fire rockets into Israel from behind schools, hospitals and other civilian facilities.
Ms White, your call is no more than foolish support for cynical, don’t-give-a-bloody-damn Hamas. Meanwhile, innocent Palestinians are trapped and killed in the midst of the fracas.
Chris Callaghan
The Cottage
Ballynoe via Mallow
Co Cork


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