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A document drafted by politicians for their own benefit

BLAME for the no vote win rests squarely on the shoulders of the European politicians themselves.

The Lisbon Treaty, like the constitution that preceded it, is a document written by politicians for the benefit of politicians. It transfers power from national governments to an unelected body, which is why the Irish constitution had to be amended, and it gives the individual citizen little in return.

The yes campaign could not rally enough support in this country because they had so little to offer.

European politicians thought they were being clever when they constructed a document that was unintelligible, and they were incredibly stupid in announcing this was so that people would agree to conditions they would not accept if they knew what they were.

Brian Cowen’s admission that he was asking for approval for something even he had not read was honest, but folly in the extreme. There were ‘opt-out’ clauses, but the Government has broken so many firm promises few felt they could be trusted to implement them in the face of opposition from the rest of Europe. As if intent on underlining that point, the European Parliament passed a motion disregarding the outcome of the Irish referendum, by far the most legally binding of all the opt-out clauses. Even now there are those who are seeking ways of setting aside the Irish decision. The final piece of idiocy was to raise the question of a European army “to which all states would have to contribute” on the Monday before the vote. The no campaign is to be congratulated, but I am sure even they would admit their most effective ammunition was provided by the other side.

Allen Crosbie



Co Cork


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