Worth the wait - Olympic justice done at last

JUSTICE delayed may well be justice denied, but athlete Rob Heffernan, who, last night, became the first person to be presented with an Olympic medal on Irish soil, will be happy that justice has, four years after the event, finally been done.

Not only that, he has set up what might become a hardy annual at table quizzes for decades to come. That he is also the only Irishman — so far — to have won a European, World and Olympic medal ensures an enduring question-time fame.

Heffernan was presented with the medal after the winner of the walking event in which he represented Ireland at the London Olympics four years ago, the Russian, Sergey Kirdyapkin, was disqualified over doping offences.

Joyful and all as last night’s event was, it underlines again the sad fact that so much of top-level sport has become utterly discredited and simply unbelievable. Where once there was some romance and, however briefly, an idea as admirable as the Corinthian spirit, now we have the greed of Armstrong and Sharapova — though the state abuse of vulnerable individuals for propaganda purposes may be even worse.


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