Where’s the sun? - Our animal instincts are alive

AT the start of this week weather forecasters lifted the spirits of the nation in a way even the most optimistic economist can only dream about. 

They promised, though they would say they only predicted, Riviera weather for the south of Ireland. All of a sudden the prospect of a high-summer weekend loomed; the challenges of the week ahead lightened. Plans were made. The fearless among us dared to contemplate the most reckless phrase in an Irish person’s vocabulary: “Anyone fancy having a barbecue?”

Sadly, the Riviera weather has stayed on the Riviera. Most of the south of Ireland is cloaked in greyness but without the usual dividend of rain to alleviate the prolonged dry spell. Some of us, who just days ago bounced through our work in anticipation of a few sunny days, are in the grip of a minor version of seasonal affective disorder.

All of this just shows that despite our online, indoor lives, our animal instincts, our craving for the warming balm of a sunny day is as strong as ever — and that many of us will listen to tonight’s forecast with undimmed optimism.


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