UN role is vital - Humanitarian aid in Aleppo

THE reported use of deadly chlorine gas is a most disturbing turn of events in the long-running Syrian war.

The world’s chemical watchdog has voiced its concern over this atrocity but with each side blaming the other the only certainty is the death toll continues to rise. At the same time, the merciless bombing of hospitals, a tactic which contravenes all the rules of warfare, continues to go on unabated by both the Russians and the Assad regime.

Meanwhile, the United Nations continues to stand by, poised and to ready but unable to negotiate with willing partners in the hope of bringing humanitarian aid to people trapped in Aleppo, a city the size of Cork.

Judging by the Goal experience, it is absolutely vital that the UN should keep tight control over the delivery of any humanitarian aid. That it should be in charge has become even more crucial following the Russia’s offer to co-ordinate the UN delivery of supplies.

With Vladimir Putin playing wider power games, that would be like letting a bear loose in a honey store.


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