The end of the world - It was good while it lasted

You may not have factored it into your busy schedule but, as some would have you believe, according to the 5,125-year-old calendar of the Mayan civilisation, the world will end today.

This would, undoubtedly, impinge on so many of the plans being made by millions of people all around the world to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. It may even put the controversy raging around whether or not there was a donkey and a cow in the crib when Jesus was born in the ha’penny place.

It does however raise the most interesting question of all — why do people believe what they believe?

The end-of-the-world theorists flocking to Mount Rtanj in the Carpathian mountains, who believe the pyramid-shaped mountain contains a structure left behind by aliens that will protect them if the world ends today, might be able to answer that question ... but only if there’s enough time left.


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