TD keeps his job - Wallace bankruptcy ruling

HAD Jillian Godsil not taken a case to the High Court in 2014 challenging the law that prevented a bankrupt standing in an election then the Government might well be facing a by-election early in the new year. 

Before that case concluded the law was hurriedly amended to remove that veto. Earlier this week Wexford’s Mick Wallace was declared a bankrupt over multimillion-euro debts. He earlier admitted to difficulties in relation to the non-payment of Vat.

It may be unfair to focus on Mr Wallace’s difficulties. After all, one member of our parliament is a convicted gun runner, another a convicted bomb-maker. Another, who consistently tops the polls, has been linked with corruption by a public tribunal. And there may be yet more skeletons happily undisturbed in that particular cupboard.

The adage ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ is a wise one but the fact we confined vetoes to Dáil membership to financial misdemeanours says a lot about us and our priorities. It also suggests we believe, to use another saw, that the leopard can indeed change its spots. Do they really?


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