Take a bow - Ifta awards

Last night the great and good of the Irish film and drama industry gathered in Dublin’s Mansion House for the annual Irish Film and Television Academy Awards.

The awards are designed to honour and celebrate excellence in outstanding Irish creativity and continue to attract some of the very biggest names of Irish cinema.

It is easy to be distracted, therefore, by the glitz and glamour of the red carpet but it is only correct that as the hangovers clear after their marquee awards night the academy is recognised for its ongoing and largely unacknowledged efforts in encouraging and marketing stimulating, original, creative and excellent Irish film and television drama.

In doing so the academy plays a vital role in the production and delivery of many hundreds of hours of excellent Irish film and drama — both here and abroad — and continue our nation’s fine and well deserved reputation as a cultural powerhouse.

For that they should — in time-honoured tradition — take a well-deserved bow.



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