Summer lovin’ - Left or right?

WHOEVER thought that science was boring might want to consider a serious survey dealing with one of the most pleasurable of human activities.

Humans are hard-wired to favour leaning to the right while kissing romantic partners, an international study by psychologists and neuroscientists has found.

Why? Are we all natural Tories? It has nothing to do with political leanings, according to the researchers, who also discovered that those on the receiving end of a kiss are inclined to match their partners’ head-leaning direction.

As a nation of romantics, it is incumbant upon all of us to verify or challenge these results. Think of it as paying lip-service to the country. To do so, we need to take kissing out of the bedroom and into the open.

What about weather conditions? Would we still lean to the right on top of Skellig Michael with a south-westerly blowing? Would we lean to the left if we were holding an umbrella?

That kind of science is too important to be left to the scientists, so pucker up, get in the mood, and let’s twist again!


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