Seán Quinn affair - GAA cant stay silent

The claim by Peter Quinn, brother of bankrupt Seán and father of fugitive Peter Darragh Quinn, that our court system is “corrupt” cannot go unchallenged. It also shows how far the Quinns will go to avoid the consequences of a disastrous share gamble.

Mr Peter Quinn has said that his son Peter Darragh Quinn will not be returning to the Republic because he does not believe he will get “fair play or justice”. Those who marched last weekend to support the Quinn dynasty’s admitted efforts to transfer assets beyond the reach of creditors and make their multi-billion debt the responsibility of the Irish taxpayer should think through the implications of that wild claim.

Unfortunately the GAA have been, through no fault of their own, embroiled in the scandal and would be wise to make a statement distancing themselves from the ill-judged behaviour of its former president and some prominent members. As an invaluable community-wide organisation it should not have to be cajoled into doing the right thing. It must lead by example.


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