Ryanair charges - Fat tax could be a flyer

Ryanair is considering charging overweight passengers extra. Some Ryanair pronouncements in the past would seem to have been publicity stunts. It is, therefore, sometimes difficult to determine when the airline’s spokespeople are being serious.

Southwest Airlines in the US has for years been charging extra for overweight passengers who require two seats. This was in response to complaints from discomforted passengers who did not enjoy the full seat they had purchased, because they were sitting next to an overweight passenger.

In a recent poll of Ryanair passengers, 40% voted for excess fees for overweight passengers, while 18% suggested a charge of €1 for toilet paper.

The suggestion to charge people to use toilet facilities on flights was probably a joke, but it might be implemented if Ryanair could make extra money out of it. This is partly why Mr O’Leary has been so phenomenally successful.

When all is said and done the airline has made no apologies for being a low-cost company.

“No frills” means no frills.


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