Referee attacked - Unacceptable behaviour

WHEN Ireland was denied a place at the South African World Cup because a French player handled the ball to help score a goal there was an outcry.

When the anger subsided there were demands that the best modern technology be used to help the referee reach the right decision. It was recognised that anyone can make a mistake if they have to make a split-second decision without the help of television replays.

That argument can only be strengthened by Sunday’s assault on a referee in Croke Park.

Rugby has embraced this technology without undermining the spectacle, indeed referees’ authority has been enhanced because they are not in jeopardy of making a critical mistake at a critical moment.

Whatever the result of the game, the behaviour of some Louth fans was disgraceful and may force the GAA to block access to the pitch denying the great majority of hurling and football fans the chance to celebrate All-Ireland victories in a time-honoured way.


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