Organ donation - Donor cards spare agony

The story of the late Paddy Clegg and his father, Robbie, is a reminder of the importance of organ donation. In the anguish of losing a loved-one, families are inevitably pre-occupied with their grief, rather than thinking of the benefits that might accrue to others through organ donation.

In the case of Paddy Clegg, there was no indication of any brain activity so his life-support machine was turned off and his family authorised the harvesting of his vital organs for possible transplant.

Of course his family would have been particularly conscious of the need because his father, Robbie, who suffers from diabetes, has been on a transplant list for a kidney since February 2008. He has had to undergo regular dialysis three days a week, but his son’s kidney has afforded him a new lease on life.

Everybody should be mindful of the importance of donor cards because they can spare a family the agony of having to make such a decision in the midst of the grief and a close relative could be the main beneficiary.


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