North deadlocked once again - Tough love time

MOST politicians would buck at the suggestion that they live in a disconnected world discussing how many appeal court judges can dance on the head of a pin.

Maybe their objections, at least some of them, might be justified.

However, they cannot argue that words mean the same thing to them as they do to the rest of us.

The assertion yesterday, by British environment secretary Michael Gove that the £1bn deal with the Democratic Unionists to prop up the minority Tory government was not a “bung” just confirms that long-established adaptability of expression.

It is not surprising such creativity is employed in relation to the North where another contrived crisis rages on, undermining faith in the political process — which is the objective of at least one stonewaller.

Each set of extremists relies on the shadow of big brother government to resolve matters in their favour and, in turn, these administrations oblige.

Will this foolishness ever end?

Maybe it’s time for some tough love, maybe it’s time to withhold the children’s pocket money until they behave.

Maybe it’s time to stop feeding both crocodiles.


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