No kidding ... Extinction risk for Old Irish goat

File photo of goat.

Any remark about “old goats” will conjure up images of cranky old men with beards. 

Unfortunately for those who encounter them, there is nothing rare about this particular breed, unlike the majestic animal after whom they are named.

While we could do with fewer curmudgeons, we must do all we can to preserve and protect the Old Irish goat, a 5,000-year-old species in danger of becoming extinct. A recent conference on rare breeds heard Marian Harkin MEP stress the importance of protecting these beautiful animals through EU and national agricultural policies.

We support her efforts and those of the Old Irish Goat Society, a group of enthusiasts working hard to preserve the breed in the wild, while, at the same time, bringing it back into domestication as an ideal smallholder’s goat.

The Old Irish goat is unique, a Landrace animal that has adaptated to its natural and cultural environment. Its preservation is as important as the nation’s built and archaeological heritage.


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