Moderation for alcohol consumption and legislation works

IT would be wonderful if we could legislate a perfect world into existence but, as one failed effort after effort shows, that nirvana has yet to be realised.

Draconian proposals to limit alcohol advertising seem to fall into that category. 

It is proposed to outlaw “images of conviviality” in adverts — such as scenes in a pub or of a person consuming alcohol. 

It is as if hiding these images will mean the activity they depict doesn’t exist.

It is estimated that this new legislation would, if enacted, drain around €20m from Irish media. 

It would be dishonest to pretend that traditional media, like this newspaper and all other newspapers on this island, do not have skin in the game. 

Ravaged by a new media landscape, any further limitations on newspapers’ earning capacity will make a very difficult situation almost untenable. 

Be that as it may, the nanny State impetus behind these Calvinist proposal seems out of touch with reality. 

People drink, people enjoy drink and, yes, a minority drink to excess and cause heartbreak. 

Moderation in consumption and legislation is the answer.


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