Michael O’Leary comments - Akin to Trump

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is not one to mince his words, but his verbal assault on cyclists was, even for him, over the top. Exhibiting all the restraint of Donald Trump, Mr O’Leary told a conference in Dublin on Wednesday that cyclists “should be taken out and shot”.

It was really a rant against Dublin City Council and its plans to enhance cycle lanes at the expense of motorists.

He also had a go at public transport, which is odd as he profits from the airline industry — and, in order to use bus lanes, once bought a licence to drive a taxi; both forms of public transport used every day.

At least he has highlighted the issue of bikes versus cars and the need for both forms of commuter to co-exist in a respectful fashion. There is no reason why cyclists should not have to undergo training to ensure they obey the rules of the road like everyone else.

Likewise, driving lessons should include a session on how to behave when cyclists are nearby so that motorists do not feel the urge to mow down every two-wheeler in sight.


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