Michael Jackson - Last truly global star

MICHAEL Jackson’s death marks the passing of a phenomenon unlikely ever to be repeated.

An extraordinarily creative talent in music, dance and visual artistry, he earned his stardom the hard way – through sweat, sacrifice and stamina – and set a professional standard few have a hope of emulating.

In an era of disposable superstars where fame barely lasts 15 seconds – never mind 15 minutes – and in an industry where talent can be computer generated, charisma faked and hype fuelled by the insomniac world of the internet, the chances of another Jackson emerging from the cacophonous riot for celebrity are slim.

He had his dark side and his indisputably odd obsessions and deeply unconventional relationships with children will have made many distrusting of him.

But while his detractors can justifiably question his behaviour, they can not doubt his gift.

Ironically in a time when international communications are push-button easy, Jackson may be one of the last truly global superstars.


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