London terror aftermath - Unity is the best response

The decision by more than 130 British Muslim religious leaders to refuse to offer funeral prayers for the men who went on a murder rampage in London on Saturday night is an unambiguous declaration.

Their not-in-our-name stand reaffirms that Islamic extremism is confined to a minority, one that defies the expectations of their religious peers as much as they defy the principles of inclusion and tolerance our societies are built on.

These sentiments were echoed by the head imam of the Islamic Centre of Ireland, Shaykh Dr Umar Al Qadri, who warned that there are people in Ireland trying to spread hate online and that they must be challenged.

The decision of the British clerics is in direct contrast to the attack on a mosque in Galway where windows were broken during a religious service.

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan said that up to 100 members of the mosque were “terrified” when rocks were thrown through windows late on Monday evening.

This attack is an example of the division extremists hope to provoke, because they know that unless they can divide societies that they will never succeed.

Determined unity is by far the best response, it is the very best weapon to use against their medieval barbarism.

An expression of that unity must mean that those of us determined to live together in peace must be ready to expose those who threaten us all.


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