Lisbon campaign - Racism and dishonesty

SOME of the claims made during the first Lisbon campaign were laughable but dangerously misleading. Despite their hysteria and dishonesty, they contributed to the rejection of the treaty.

We were warned that babies would be micro-chipped and that our children could be conscripted into a European “super army”. We were warned of nuclear holocausts — though what this had to do with Lisbon was never made clear — and we were assured that the devil himself wanted us to vote Yes.

This time around Sinn Féin warn of increased military spending, lower pay and “crushed family farms”. They, at least, have some competence in what it might cost to run an army but other than telling us that family farms will be “crushed” by the EU — the very entity that bankrolled farming for the last three decades — they contribute little other than the fury of the rejected to the debate.

Sinn Féin, however, are outdone by others who hide behind PO box addresses and whose posters are so dishonest, racist and hateful as to be offensive.

In less than two weeks we will have an opportunity to vote for a second time on Lisbon. At that time we should remember the dishonesty, the racism and the hatred invoked by some of those who oppose it.

Another good reason to vote Yes.


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