Lack of access - Broadband is imperative

Parts of the country are lagging behind in the availability of the most up-to-date broadband technology.

Ireland has prided itself in the development of the smart economy, but there are homes and businesses in various areas that cannot get any sort of broadband. There is no excuse for those areas being left behind, as was the case in the electrification of the country in the last century.

Ireland currently ranks 22nd in the world for mobile broadband. We did not invent the internet, so it is not surprising that we are not the world leader in the area.

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan contends that there has been a dramatic improvement in broadband availability in the past couple of years. He argues that Ireland is actually ahead of countries such as Germany, France and Britain.

No doubt some people may find that hard to believe, but his critics should highlight the deficiencies of his arguments in a rational and believable way, instead of acting the clown. Making bizarre comparisons with cartoon characters or drawing allusions to Stone Age technology is just a cop-out for reasoned argument.

In this Information Age access to broadband is imperative and people deserve to have their broadband deficiencies clearly highlighted.


Wesley O’ Regan is the General Manager of Popscene in Voodoo Rooms, Cork city. Popscene opened last November and is Cork’s only themed bar that is dedicated to celebrating the best of the 80s and 90s.'ve Been Served: Wesley O'Regan, Popscene

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