Invoking Lemass - Irony on a grand scale

IT is natural that Fianna Fáil might grasp at any straw that might improve their image if not their ratings.

As they contemplate the prospect of disastrous opinion poll results being made real at a general election, as well as the “communications issues” surrounding Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s performances, it is entirely understandable that any opportunity to celebrate success, no matter how long ago, would be embraced.

The suggestion that Dublin Airport be renamed Seán Lemass Airport Dublin must be, unfortunately, seen in that context. Lemass was a great leader who had the moral authority, vision and integrity that define great politicians and successful national leaders.

The irony of a situation where those who presided over the destruction of so much of what Lemass dreamt of and built might use his name in this way cannot be lost on any but the most partisan.


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