International Men’s Day: Let’s laud guys

FOR decades we have been conditioned to believe that it is a man’s world. 

It isn’t difficult to see why: Most political and corporate leaders are men and most of the big, global decision-makers are men and the major sporting events are invariably all male.

But anyone — male or female — who believes that men enjoy a life of privilege over women should think again. In many ways, men get a raw deal. It is men who, invariably, put themselves in harm’s way as soldiers, firefighters, and police.

Irish law discriminates against men in a variety of ways, particularly in family law. In a marriage break-up, the man is rarely awarded child custody and is most likely to end up losing his home. More than 80% of our homeless are men and most people who take their own lives are men.

Last Saturday was International Men’s Day, an event that went all but unnoticed. The recently formed advocacy group ‘Men’s Voices’ is hoping to change that by encouraging us all to recognise the value of men and celebrate their contribution to society. We wish them well in their endeavours.


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