Golden memories - Statue of Wogan

TERRY WOGAN must be giggling in his grave at the idea of a statue depicting him sitting on a bench, microphone in hand, is to be erected in his home city of Limerick. 

The legendary broadcaster who died just over a year ago, was considered a national treasure in Ireland and Britain.

While his fellow Irishmen Eamon Andrews and Dave Allen also had success on TV in Britain, Wogan was special.

His sparkling personality and warm good humour endeared him to millions of radio listeners and TV viewers and he became the voice of Eurovision on the BBC.

There was more to Mr Wogan than his cheeky-chappy image. He was also a great ambassador for Ireland, particularly during the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland when people living in Britain feared being associated with the Provisional IRA and other terrorists.

No single individual did as much to prove that the overwhelming majority of Irish people were peace-loving. More than a statue, that is his lasting monument. The statue will be bronze but his memory is golden.

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