Farewell Triggs - So much for so little

MODERN psychiatry has for some decades recognised the value of the talking cure but Roy Keane, as in so many other ways, went his own route, and recognised the value of the walking cure.

At critical moments when the nation’s happiness seemed entwined with Roy’s moods, he turned to his Labrador Triggs and took to the road.

Together they symbolised how man and animal can work together in the search for calm and happiness.

Triggs, who made a greater contribution to soccer than any dog since Pickles discovered the stolen Jules Rimet trophy under a bush in 1966, is no more.

It is easy to be flippant about the positive role pets play in people’s lives but anyone who has kept one will know how enriching and life changing they can be.

There can be few relationships that give so much for so little, a reality we can celebrate by treating all animals properly.


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