Family law - A cruel struggle

Twenty years ago the Law Reform Commission called for a modernised, effective and accessible family law court structure.

It will not surprise anyone who takes an interest in how this country trundles from one crisis to the next that such a development — a standard, unquestioned brick in any modern society — is awaited.

Speaking ahead of a conference today, the Law Society has warned that our family law courts system is hardly fit for purpose and that it is straining under an ever-growing caseload, unacceptable delays, and inadequate facilities.

The society wants better facilities so that people involved in these difficult cases might not have to hold highly-charged consultation in public spaces.

They also want better training for judges. It is bizarre that a campaign is needed to deliver these basics of a civilised society.

Being involved in an acrimonious and invariably expensive family court case is distressing enough for anyone but having that distress exacerbated by inadequate state services seems an altogether perverse cruelty.

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