EU citizenship confusion post-Brexit

WHAT we know about the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and the rights of UK citizens living in the rest of Europe, amounts to less than a hill of beans.

Whether that will change in the next two years — the timescale for a British withdrawal from European institutions — seems unlikely, much to the joy of lawyers.

With British prime minister (for now), Theresa May, departing on a three-week walking holiday to Switzerland and the Italian Alps (her last jaunt led to a general election, followed by a €1.2bn “bribe” to the DUP), it is perhaps the moment to pause for humour.

Comic Mary Bourke, presenting her “I want an Irish passport” show at the Edinburgh Fringe, urges the 100,000 applicants to have a number of opinions and understandings about the Republic, including a) Is Mrs Brown’s Boys funny? b) why you should assume a name from Celtic mythology that nobody can pronounce and c) the proper meaning of the word “grand”.

Well, it sounds as sensible as anything David Davis and Michael Barnier are saying at the moment.


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