Cork Airport debt - Proposals please

THE assurance given yesterday by Dublin Airport Authority chief executive Kevin Toland that Cork Airport’s €200m debt is not a factor in its current difficulties is a welcome clarification but it does not change the impression that the facility seems caught in a spiral of decline. His assertion was echoed by Cork Airport managing director Niall MacCarthy.

That clarification must be tempered by the reality that the decline of Cork Airport runs parallel to the growth experienced at a debt-free and rejuvenated Shannon Airport. Shannon’s success is very welcome but if it is achieved because its neighbour is at a disadvantage then it is not unreasonable to ask for measures to level the playing field.

Shannon’s success is to be celebrated but the region needs Cork Airport to succeed too and proposals to rebuild its passenger base are long overdue. Targets and timetables should be set and if they are not met then it might be time to consider that most basic and often effective measure — new faces around the table where decisions are made.


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