Choice characters - #makeamericagreatagain

Tweets, the literary structure of choice for many, have just gone from 140 to 280 characters, reflecting its power and influence.

Twitter joins Facebook and LinkedIn as one of the few social networks that survived the test of time.

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has changed the way many of us as individuals, organisations and brands generate, consume, and share content.

This, in turn, has affected how we do business and politics as well as interact on a social level. In just over a decade, it has influenced everything from the Arab Spring movement to the US presidential election.

Donald Trump has already embraced the new Twitter formula so, in recognition of this, we present a tweet-length account of his first year as president of the United States:

First six months: 991 tweets, zero legislation. Second six months, much the same.

LOUD childish outbursts and a disdain for science by the Clown Prince of presidents reflect a regime run on wilful IGNORANCE.

Yet he has 40m ‘followers’, almost as many as those who voted for him.


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