Census is vital - Filling out form is civic necessity

CENSUS 2016 takes place next weekend and, with only four days to go, the Central Statistics Office is reminding people to keep their census form ready to be filled in on Sunday.

Over the past few weeks, enumerators have attempted to hand-deliver a census form to around 2m households in the country, including apartments. But, according to the CSO, some enumerators are still having difficulty getting into apartment blocks, and that in some cases, apartment dwellers do not want to answer the door.

The situation is most acute in some inner-city areas of Dublin where around 90% of residents are non national.

Their reticence is understandable, particularly if some are residing here without official documentation.

Nevertheless, completing a census is hugely important for the provision of services into the future. Unless we know exactly how many people live in Ireland, it is almost impossible to provide adequate services for the entire population.

Filling out a census form is not only a civil duty, it is a civic necessity. Do it and encourage those who need persuading.


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