Can legislation ever catch up with technology?

AUTOMATION has made millions of blue-collar workers redundant.

Now, technical advances are beginning to encroach in areas where automation was never thought possible.

Insurance, elements of medicine and some strands of education face the prospect of automation. Robots in, humans out, and all of the social and legal turmoil that will provoke.

The collapse of work as the world population soars presents a huge challenge.

Just as the death of many kinds of works seems to be on hand, the death of privacy, in this age of social media and algorithms that can probably tell what you had for breakfast, is at hand too.

These issues have come together in an unexpected way.

A farmer has threatened to shoot down any drone — an automated spy — flown over his land as he fears the devices are used by thieves to see if his property is worth their attention.

This trespass by proxy cannot be prevented according to garda sources thereby highlighting another area where legislation needs to catch up with technology.

The real question is, however, can legislation ever catch up with technology?


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