Another terror attack on London - Confronting the enemy within

Saturday night’s terror attack in London, which left seven people dead and 48 injured, continues a pattern that the West has had to accept as the new normal. 

This reality stands, even if terrorists inflict carnage on a far greater scale in Islamic countries like Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan, where 80 people were murdered in just one car bomb last week.

Condemning the attack, British prime minister Theresa May said it was “time to say enough is enough”, though she did not explain how that declaration might be turned into a positive action that would make it far more difficult for Islamic extremists to fulfil their incomprehensible, medieval death wish and kill as many ‘infidels’ as possible while doing so. And there’s the rub. Just as these islands struggled to neutralise the threat of republican or loyalist terrorists just two decades ago, the options, at least those defined by modern European sensibilities, are very limited.

That is especially so if the terrorists are children of immigrants. This cohort, responsible for the majority of attacks by Islamic extremists in Europe this century, are the enemy within. In the face of these relentless attacks, our values must be defended ever more forcefully, but those values insist we do not consider all Muslims our enemies. However, the time has arrived when those who would enjoy the benefits of this society will have to openly decide between supporting it or supporting those who would destroy it.


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