A new kind of a dog’s life - Disposable dogs

The relentless advance of artificial intelligence will change the engineering, the choreography of life in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Even at this relatively early stage in that evolution/revolution/coup the idea that the lives many of us live today will be redundant is moving from fantasy to expectation.

Humans, as process focussed functionaries at least, will be disposable. Sobering as that may be the idea of the disposability of sentient beings is already alive.

Wicklow Animal Welfare has warned that dog pounds are filling with healthy older dogs so disloyal owners might replace them with a Christmas puppy.

This odious behaviour points to a new kind of animal abuse, an abuse that reduces these unfortunate animals to the status of a fashion trinket.

Responsible pet ownership has many benefits. A person can learn about responsibility, about caring for a dependant, decent behaviour and, almost most of all, loyalty.

This dump-the-mutt choice flies in that face of that process but maybe it represents a reality we may all face in coming decades? Suddenly, living a dog’s life takes on a whole new meaning.


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