A fine gesture - Politician returns car prize

“THEY’RE all the same, they’re all in it for what they can get out of it” is one of the dog-eared and all too often accurate accusations levelled at our politicians.

However every now and then some politician or other, or other public figure, does something and makes a kind, unnecessary gesture that challenges that cynical mantra.

Last week Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection Kevin Humphreys won a car worth €18,000 in a draw supporting the great work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Mr Humphreys, who is a Labour TD for Dublin South East and has two children learning to drive, handed the car back to the busy charity. This was an admirable gesture and an example many of us might consider following when our ship comes in — if it ever does. Cynics will suggest that, as an election looms, Mr Humphreys had his eye on a far greater prize. That may be the case but his response should give us all pause for thought. We should all ask ourselves if we really need everything we desire and whether or not we might better use our resources to help those in far greater need.


IF you are the parent of a child who is about to venture forth into the hallowed halls of Primary education, or ‘Big School’ as every Irish mammy refers to it since the dawn of time; well, chances are you’ve probably been very active in your Google searches looking for tips and advice on how to ease your child, and yourself, into this next chapter.Out of curiosity, I searched online for ‘Back to school advice’

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