JOANNE O'RIORDAN: Same sex couples deserve our respect

I am sick of the way society can be so segregated and divided simply because people don’t understand others are different

WITH the legislation for same sex marriage coming into effect in the spring, I hear more and more people expressing their hatred, towards the much-debated topic.

Hearing things like, loving people of the same gender is considered a disease is, to me, just ridiculous.

Same sex couples should be allowed to walk down the street without getting hassled or abused just for being in love. I find it disgusting that people, who think they are the bee’s knees, could be so small minded, so stupid, in abusing people who are in love.

People who also use religion as a motive to discriminate against same sex marriage also irritate me. I remember being taught in religion class that Jesus loved everyone, yet some priests and diehard religion fans feel the need to hate people who are in love. They also feel they should disrespect and upset same sex couples all because the Bible said so. But the Bible says (John13:34) ‘A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another’. Yet, people hate same sex couples on religious grounds? For many years gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and so on, feel they can’t speak up or be themselves. They feel if they will be bullied, harassed, or worse, because they seem or act differently. Is that the kind of society we want our children growing up in?

I am sick of these hypocrites in Ireland. I am sick of the way society can be so segregated and divided simply because people don’t understand others are different.

Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone had to be the same, where we wanted girls to like boys and vice versa. !If people reading this are fans of me but discriminate against others that is completely wrong and narrow minded. Maybe my disability allows me to see discrimination in a different way, but if you feel people with disabilities shouldn’t be discriminated against, why do you choose to put down other people and let others rise?

My mother always tells me that she never grew up with non-nationals and she loves how these days we all mix, no matter who we are. It’s about time narrow-minded people not put down others simply because they seem or act differently.

As Henry Rollins once said, “It is amazing to hear grown-up people rationalise homophobia and discrimination. The lengths they go to trying to prove their points take reason to its breaking point.”


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