ALISON O'CONNOR: Only reason Trump is still in race for presidency is because he’s male

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praying. Picture: AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

Trump could be a baboon and he would still be in the race, just as long as he was a baboon with a penis, Alison O’Connor.

HOW will Donald Trump’s campaign to become president of the United States be looked back on? Think of those future explanations to people too young now to remember, or perhaps not yet born, who will imagine we are deluded as we detail the utter madness of it all.

Perhaps we will be asked why Hillary Clinton was the first female president of the US, but that none followed in her footsteps for a further 20 years.

We will explain that while it was extraordinary to see a woman in the White House, Clinton paid such a high price to get there, and was subject to such extraordinary abuse and double standards, that other potential female candidates, somewhat sensibly, decided not to bother.

You can say now there is no way Donald Trump will be US president in less than a month’s time, after all that has gone on. But, in truth, there remains that nagging doubt; the fear that, maybe, just maybe, he could still pull it off. Then, you think, that’s just crazy. But this political campaign has no decency threshold whatsoever.

The sad truth for women is that Donald Trump could be a baboon and he would still be in the race, just as long as he was a baboon with a penis. If Hillary had a penis, rather, than, as Donald likes to describe it, a ‘pussy’, she would have Trump dead and buried politically at this stage. Any male candidate who didn’t have him dead and buried would be dismissed as a wimp. But Hillary has simply had to suck it up.

Observing the US election from afar is increasingly demeaning, merely by being a spectator. It appears there is nothing this misogynistic, bullying, pathologically lying, dangerous, psychotic fantasist cannot do or say that would preclude him from this presidential race.

How utterly mad that we still expect that at the polls on November 8 he will be defeated. How is this nutjob even still on the ticket?

Hillary Clinton was bang-on when she spoke, a while back, about how you could put about half of Trump supporters into a “basket of deplorables”. That other half who are still hanging in with him, despite all that has happened, deserve exactly the same description. How else to describe the people who support this appalling creature?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

I don’t care how disenfranchised you are, or how much you have been failed by ‘mainstream’ politics, if you still intend to vote for Trump, after all that has been said and done, you are worse than deplorable. You are despicable.

But that much was clear to anyone who attended a Trump rally and heard the racist, sexist, and often criminal chants about women, Mexicans, Muslims, and gays. A while back, the New York Times released a video montage of some of the things people shout at these events: “Hillary is a whore”, “Hang the Bitch”, “Trump that Bitch”, “Kill her”. There were T shirts stating: “Hillary sucks but not like Monica”. Or badges with: “KFC, Hillary Special: Two Fat Thighs, Two Small Breasts, Left Wing”.

At the end of each piece on Trump, the Huffington Post has an editor’s note that reads: “Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, and birther, who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6bn members of an entire religion — from entering the US.”

On and on it has gone, becoming some sort of horrible normal. Obscenities continue to be shouted at rallies and one of the main news websites appends a warning at the end of each piece on one of the two candidates for the US presidency. Yet nobody has shouted stop.

In that infamous ‘hot mike’ video, the man who would be president boasted about groping women and kissing them without their consent, saying, “Grab them by the pussy” and “When you’re a star, they let you do it.” He dismissed it, after, as “locker room talk”.

The lead story in the Washington Post, on Tuesday, stated that the Republican Party “tumbled towards anarchy”. Trump was dropped by top Republicans, such as John McCain and Paul Ryan. What they will surely discover, in the years to come, is that once you have been willingly contaminated by Trump, your reputation will never really recover.

It’s interesting how so many of them suddenly discovered a concern for their wives and daughters, once those remarks were broadcast. Had they not been tuning in to what was being said at the Trump rallies or by the candidate himself? The real pity is that they didn’t say that they were also concerned for their sons.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Still, though, there were senior Repubicans who stuck by Trump this week, with some campaign officials claiming that grabbing a woman’s genitals would not constitute sexual assault. There it is, ladies of the United States, your ‘pussy’ is literally up for grabs, and there is no law that says it shouldn’t be so.

Trump had finally crossed that line, or had he? On Sunday, Hillary Clinton still had to endure a presidential debate with him. Not only did she have to attend, she stood there and appeared to listen respectfully, as he said he would put her in prison, if elected, as he prowled around her and attempted to physically dominate her. She could not even allow herself as much as an eye roll. She had to humiliate herself further by continuing with the utterly fantastical charade that this man is her worthy opponent for the biggest political office in the world.

There has been much talk, in this campaign, of how this “false equivalence” has been created, whereby a minor failing of Hillary’s is equated to a major failing of Trump’s. The ultimate example of that is the idea that he was ever worthy of even tying her shoelaces.

In the debate, Hillary said her friend, Michelle Obama, advised “when they aim low we go high”. All the way through the campaign, it hasn’t mattered how high she has taken it.

Trump keeps pulling her back down into the gutter. The very least she deserves now is to win, although she deserved that from the moment he was declared as her opposition. I’m not sure anything, even being president, will make it all worth it.

Trump could be a baboon and he would still be in the race, just as long as he was a baboon with a penis

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