My Name Is X And I Am A Cumberbitch

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Picture the ‘Sherlock’ star.

Does his face make you weak at the knees? Does his plummy voice make you swoon? Do you dream about running your hand through his lustrous hair? 

Are your pets named after him? Do you do a daily search of his pictures online?

If you answered yes to all the above, then you are a Cumberbitch: “Someone afflicted with an appreciation of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his many wonders.”

Oh no, what now? Don’t worry, this little self-help book provides whimsical advice on: Diagnosis: So you think you’re a Cumberbitch? and Cure: The New You — So you’re done with being a Cumberbitch.

Filled with quizzes, true or false statements, a scattering of the actor’s quotes, and, most significantly, the Five-Point Plan to Dis-Batch your Ben-Addiction, this witty and light-hearted book is ideal for all Cumberbabes.


HarperCollins, £5.99; 

ebook, £3.99


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