Men Explain Things To Me And Other Essays

Rebecca Solnit
Granta, €18.75; ebook, £10.38

In what is considered to be a great year for feminism, along comes activist and writer Rebecca Solnit with her battle cry of a book to take the crusade further.

She launches a scathing attack on gender inequality based on her own experiences and those of others. Although only a short collection of essays, Men Explain Things To Me doesn’t make for light reading, as she brings to the fore shocking statistics and studies about violent crime, murder and rape — and how the majority are male perpetrators.

Solnit even quotes from a medical study, which said being male is a risk factor for violent criminal behaviour. The San Francisco historian also explores topics such as grandmothers, Virginia Woolf and marriage, with fierce intelligence and passion that you can’t help but feel empowered by her words.

Overall, it makes for essential reading for anyone — feminist or not, male or female — who wants to fight for equality across all fronts.


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