By Emily Gould
Virago, £14.99;ebook, £7.49
Review: Sophie Herdman

Friendship is a tale of two New York-dwelling friends — Amy and Bev. Amy was once a well-known but hated journalist. When we meet her, she is less well-known and less hated, but unhappy with her job on a Jewish website. Bev meanwhile has started and promptly stopped a course in creative writing, and has entered the world of temping. The two 30-year-olds are unsure what the future holds and, indeed, what they want it to hold.

But soon Bev is forced to make big decisions about her future when a one-night stand has unintended consequences, and Amy struggles to come to terms with her friend’s decisions.

This is a well-observed story of female friendship — the understanding, intense love and occasional insecurities — as well as an honest look at the increasingly common quarter-life crisis. Like other books before it that explore friendships and careers post-university, Friendship is full of witty realism, making it also a good pick for fans of Lena Dunham’s hit TV show Girls.


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