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Tigers In Red Weather

Liza Klaussmann

Picador, €13.99,

Kindle £4.99

Review: Chloe Chaplain

It’s 1945 and cousins Nick and Helena are on the brink of womanhood as they prepare for their new, post-war lives, full of expectation and hope.

Both women are faced with the less-than-perfect realities of their marriages, in a world still piecing itself back together after the devastation of the war.

The novel unfolds through five perspectives, exploring the intricate and complex relationships of a family desperate to preserve a polished exterior. New York Times journalist Liza Klaussmann’s first novel is nothing less than gripping.

The setting of the glamorous mid-century combined with this tale of secrets and betrayal immediately entraps the reader in pages telling of love, yearning and desperate fear.

Klaussmann’s skilled plotting keeps the story alive throughout the novel, carefully feeding the reader with more excitement on each page.

Broken Harbour

Tana French

Hodder & Stoughton, €17.15,

Kindle £6.99

Review: Philip Robinson

Tana French’s fourth novel about the Dublin Murder Squad centres around Detective Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy, a seasoned officer with a high crime-solving rate who takes pride in his work.

To him, half the case is solved by winning the psychological battle with the killer: this means best suit, nicest car and positive attitude.

A half-built, half-inhabited coastal Irish housing estate sets the scene as a seemingly normal family become the victims of a brutal murder. Who would have thought the events surrounding this case would prove to be Kennedy’s toughest challenge?

That coupled with the arrival of his mentally unstable sister means this case could be the one that forces him to break all the rules.

It’s a page-turner with twists galore.

Not Me: A German Childhood

Joachim Fest

Atlantic Books, priced £20,

Kindle £11.15

Review: Anthony Looch

This story about a respectable, cultured German family living in Berlin throughout Hitler’s rise to power is moving and enlightening.

Joachim Fest, one of three sons and two daughters, was born in 1926. He distinguished himself in later years as a journalist, editor and author of highly acclaimed books about Hitler, Speer and the Third Reich.

The Fests, who were Roman Catholic, were always staunchly anti-Nazi. Joachim’s father lost his job and was banned from employment because of his public criticism of the regime.

Fest paints an alarming picture of how other Germans were seduced or intimidated into supporting the Nazis.

Apart from the loss of one son on the Eastern Front, and despite severe deprivations, the Fest family survived the war and its grim aftermath.

Fest married, had children, achieved great success, and died aged 79 in 2006.

It could so easily have been otherwise.


GJ Moffat Headline, £12.99,

ebook €8.49

Review: Rachel Howdle

GJ Moffat weaves four sides of this complicated whodunit into one gripping story.

Primarily, we follow bodyguard Logan Finch as he takes on his toughest assignment — keeping American serial killer Chase Black out of harm’s way.

When evidence tampering comes to light, Black is released from prison. But he is soon the target of another killer.

With Black now free, the question remains: who is guilty of the crimes? This is what Jake Hunter, a homicide detective, is wondering.

He was certain of Black’s guilt, but as new evidence comes to the surface he begins to reassess. Can he spot a killer after all?

Protection takes the reader on a journey through America and into the UK. Will the culprit ever be caught and brought to justice?


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