Books for kids...

Lulu and the Noisy Baby by Camilla Reid and Ailie Busby (Bloomsbury, €8.30) 
Lulu is a busy little girl who likes to read, paint, dress up in fancy clothes, and most of all play games with her Mummy. 

When she notices Mummy’s large tummy it is time Lulu was told about the baby inside. And she is delighted when she is shown a scan of the new baby, and even more thrilled when the time comes to bring the baby home.

Lulu delights in minding the new arrival with Mum and making fun things to show baby. 

This is a gentle introduction to sharing your life with a newcomer — the lift-the-flaps even allow the reader to choose an outfit for Freddy to wear. 

Harold the cat and other colourful characters look on approvingly. Suitable for age three and upwards.

They All Saw A Cat by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Books, €13.10 HB) 

This excellent book succeeds on two levels. It is attractively illustrated with attention-grabbing pastel, acrylics, watercolour, and pencil.

The differences between how the same cat is viewed by humans and animals may be a child’s first lesson in perspective. 

The sense of movement is superb — witness the cat rushing off chased by a hungry fox, and the tables turned as the mouse eyes up what must seem a fearsome feline monster.

It features particularly eye-catching and imaginative views of the cat as seen by a bird, a fish, and even a bee. The ending is ingenious. The cat sees himself in the water, unperturbed as usual. Suitable for age four and upwards.

Fifteen Things Not To Do With A Granny by Margaret Macallister (Frances Lincoln, €14.25) 

Books for kids...

A granny is a wonderful person to have in your life and if you are really lucky you might even have two grannies. 

However, you should be very careful not to make a Granny cross by tossing spaghetti into her handbag, or, shock horror, using her make-up on your teddy bear.

Young kids will love the many zany examples, but will also pick up on the ideas to go for walks with her, listen to her and hug her. A bright, breezy multicultural load of fun. Suitable for age four and upwards.


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