Books for children...

Mary Arrigan has a few titles for children that may just get your kids interested in reading. Check out her thoughts on The Glump And The Peeble, Giving Thank and Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch!

The Glump And The Peeble by Wendy Medour (Frances Lincoln, €13.80 HB)

Glumps sit alone meditating in caves, while Peebles are in constant motion, dancing and twirling in the moonlight. Never the twain shall meet, that is until one Peeble does something most unusual for his species. It wanders away from the tribe and sighs loudly enough to be heard by a Glump.

Books for children...

Glump and Peeble, each so very different, against all the odds become friends and Peeble persuades Glump to come join the Peeble dance. Peeble had by then broken with Peeble tradition to sit thinking in Glump’s cave. A lovely story with a strong message — reach out to others and dare to be different. The all-action, rhyming narrative bounds along complemented by Rebecca Ashdown’s stunning illustrations. Suitable for age six and up.

Giving Thanks by Ellen Surrey (Frances Lincoln, €14.40 HB)

This feel-good book progresses from a young boy identifying the people he would like to thank, to how he would like to reward them.

Books for children...

Rewards could be tidying his room, making people laugh, or simply picking up the playing-cards which grandpa frequently drops. Each two–page spread is festooned with cheerful scenes. To finish there is a suggestion that he should make a gratitude jar and create thank-you cards for the important people in his life. Though the boy’s sister is appreciated, it’s a pity she didn’t play a part. Suitable for age six and upwards.

Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch! by John Kelly (Bloomsbury, €8.10)

If you were a pirate would you have the nerve to eat shark meat, and other peculiar creatures!

Bart is an angry guy with cross features and spiky hair. ‘What’s with all those cowards!’ he bellows at his men as they brought tales of a new threat from the Beastlies.

Bart is not to be outdone as he almost single-handedly takes on these interlopers, but will he get his comeuppance? Who would have thought that a tin opener would play such a major part in this pirate war. Plenty of action and good old-fashioned thwacking that ages six and upwards will enjoy.


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