Book review: In A Dark Dark Wood

When an email invitation lands in Nora’s inbox inviting her to Clare’s hen party, she is confused. Nora, a crime fiction writer, hasn’t seen or heard from Clare in 10 years since their school days. Against her better judgement, she decides to go, in agreement with another old school friend, Nina.

Ruth Ware

Harvill Secker, €17.99, ebook €10.99

Ware creates a classic whodunit murder mystery nightmare in an old, creaky house surrounded by deep dark forests, which become pivotal in the climax of the tale.

The clashing personalities at the hen party heighten the tension as the real reason Nora has been invited starts to become clear.

The novel is a thrilling ride and Ware keeps us guessing right up until the final pages. However, some of her characterisations are a little cartoonish and predictable.

Nonetheless, the story will keep you hooked as Ware expertly drip feeds us crucial slices of information at critical moments in this dark and twisted tale.


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