Best books for children

Harrison Loved His Umbrella by Rhoda Levine (New York Review, €12.60 HB) Harrison persistently refuses to part with his constantly open umbrella to the annoyance of his parents.

This convinces other kids to follow suit, so much so that parents are driven to distraction.

Just as suddenly as he had taken to the umbrella lark, he then abandons it in favour of swinging a yo-yo, also constantly. The subtext is the gap between parents and their children, and possibly the unnecessary angst they feel about their annoying habits. Suitable for age six plus.

Eddie’s Tent and How to go Camping by Sarah Garland. (Frances Lincoln, €16.40 HB) When young Eddie hears Mum and Dad talking about where to go on holiday , he suggests camping, which delights everyone.

Thus they begin putting together everything they will need for their trip including a First Aid box, insect repellent, lots of food and so many other items that the car was chock-full of stuff.

The camp is a long way from home so they stop for a picnic supper on the way. When they set up tents for the night Eddie stays awake in his very own, tent , listening to the owls and the other creatures of the night and pretending he is living in the stone age. 

Best books for children

The seaside is all excitement and glee as they run to the waves before their picnic on the sand. A delightful seaside story filled with all the wonders of sunshine, splashing waves, and most of all, new friends. Suitable for age seven and upwards.

How To Look After Your Human by Maggie Mayhem and Kim Sears (Frances Lincoln, €18.90 HB) Ostensibly a book about humans, this is a tongue-in-cheek look at us as seen through a dog’s eyes, complemented by witty comments and colourful illustrations.

What a dog has to put up with in a typical family, how many words a dog understands and why dogs should be allowed have their choice of animal friends are humorously dealt with.

Most importantly, though humans go overboard on, showering they should be discouraged from assuming that dogs want to imitate these strange habits. Suitable for age seven and upwards.


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