Garth to call his friends in low places?

AT the time of typing, I’m fascinated to find out how the drama with country crooner Garth Brooks and Dublin City Council will play out.

Brooks has declared it’s all five gigs or nothing after it came to light that two concerts are in breach of a law between the GAA and the Croke Park residents.

I’ve heard the jokes such as the avenue down Croke Park should be called Buzzkill Avenue and so on, to be honest, I feel this situation is one of these cringe moments we’ll look back on in Reeling In The Years and our grandchildren will be like ‘that is completely embarrassing ’.

After the last night of the One Direction concerts, as I was returning to the city centre, I saw a sign in one house by Croke Park saying not to cause any trouble. Seeing a sign for kids to take it easy, I kinda had an urge to knock on the door and be like ‘oops sorry was only causing trouble’.

I’m also mortified for the GAA and Aiken Promotions who sold the tickets way before they were granted the licence for the gigs to go ahead. As much as I love the GAA, it’s very clear to me that money was at the front of the brain during all this. Was there not a law saying this couldn’t happen? Wasn’t there anyone who was like ‘hold on lads let’s look to see if this was right?’.

No, of course not! It’s Ireland, all the heads of big organisations think they can just run riot and get away with everything.

It’s a bit of a disgrace and although this entire thing was a big epic fail, I’m feeling very sorry for the ticketholders and the businesses around Croke Park.

After all the One Direction gigs I saw the amount of young girls running into shops in order to buy, well, almost anything. It looked like business was booming to me. It surely had to give a massive boost to the economy.

Nearly 250,000 people spending their money in Dublin, it surely all contributed in some shape or form.

Finally, to the ticket holders, all I can say to you is, although I feel majorly, majorly, sorry for you lot, the fact these concerts were drip fed to us lessens my pity for you.

I think eventually, poor old Garth will just have to start playing smaller venues with a smaller controversy rate.

Either that, or call in all his friends in low places to sort this charade out, and the sooner, the better please. Hopefully, by the time you read this, there will be a resolution one way or the other.

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