WATCH: This reunion between owner and dog lost two years ago is really emotional

José Andaverde from Columbus, Wisconsin got one of the happiest phone calls of his life two weeks ago.

Having gone through a tough divorce, José found himself homeless and living out of his car.

One of the few things that kept José going during that time was caring for a high-energy puppy he aptly named Chaos.

"Chaos helped me through so much in my life, I took him everywhere with me," José told the Winnebago County Animal Services Facebook page.

The puppy helped José get back on his feet, but as he got bigger José realised he need to get his life in order to give his dog a proper home. Not wanting to put him in a shelter José gave Chaos to a friend.

Three months later when José came to reclaim Chaos, his friend refused to give him back his pet and the two fell out. José’s friend took the dog away and all seemed lost.

Last month José got an email notification that his former dog’s microchip needed renewing and he started to looking at old pictures of his long-lost pet, then his phone rang. It was a member of the Winnebago County Animal Services in Illinois on the line to tell José that he’d found Chaos wondering in his driveway and had tracked him to José because of his microchip.

"I was speechless and I couldn’t stop smiling. I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough," Andaverde told the Huffington Post.

The pair’s reunion on April 30 was a total tear jerker.

"My girlfriend said everyone was crying, he knocked my glasses off and I didn’t even know it until I saw the video," said José.

"I haven’t been happier. This has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders."

The video has been watch over 1m times on Facebook since it was posted.

When José finally got his dog back home he decided to surprise his children who hadn’t seen Chaos since he was a puppy when they got home from school.

We bet their reaction was as good as the video above.



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