Watch: The real reason Cadburys are putting more air in Roses wrappers

The Milk Tray man better get used to the banter on the dole queue because, frankly, he's fecked.

A new rival has emerged and instead of breaking into women's houses to deliver chocolates like some sort of sweet creep, the Roses man is actually helping people in need.

Cadbury's have recently announced a revamp of festive favourites, Roses, with more air in the wrappers to ensure sweets stay fresher for longer.

If you thought the eating copious amounts of these at Christmas was only good for developing Type 2 diabetes, you'd be wrong.

Gasping for breath after a run? Flat tire? Don't worry, the Roses man is here to help and provide you with some delicious milk chocolate.

And that jumper, wow!

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