WATCH: Introducing Teddy and Martina, the hilarious animated odd couple from Ballycotton

CCCahoots production company just keep putting out all kinds of funny videos.

They've already given us Finn, the 2-year-old political socialite and psychiatrist.

Their latest introduces the wonderfully odd animated couple from Ballycotton, Teddy and Martina.

There's no story like an auld codger's story and when they are fabricated beyond the realms of believability, all the better.

Well, Teddy's the king in this regard.

Here, he finally recounts the untold struggle of the Irish who had their right to watch Emmerdale taken away from them, while Martina shuffles around him trying to ignore his guff.

We can't wait for episode two!

For more gas video content from CCCahoots, visit their Facebook page here .


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